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For Sunday 23 October 2016


As we gather for worship this Sunday the readings focus on St. James of Jerusalem, the brother of our Lord. During Jesusí earthly ministry, James, with the rest of his siblings, was not a follower of his oldest brother. The Scriptures donít record an account of his conversion to faith, but St. Paul writes that after Jesus had risen and appeared to the twelve and to more than 500 at one time, he also appeared to James, (1 Corinthians 15:7). Whatever the circumstances of Jamesí coming to faith, following the martyrdom of James, Zebedeeís son, he became the leader of the church in Jerusalem. The first reading records his part in preventing a schism between Jewish and Gentile Christians. The reading from his epistle records that what James later practiced, steadfastness in the faith even unto death, he also preached. As the Church remembers St. James, we are moved to praise God for his mercy in calling unbelievers to faith, in providing faithful servants who use Scripture to refute error and proclaim the Gospel, and in sustaining that faith even to the point of death so that sinners may receive the crown of life.




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