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For Sunday 22 October 2017


As we gather for worship this morning the Gospel reading relates how some people tried to trick Jesus and trap Him in His words. They asked Him about taxes paid to Caesar. They should have known better. As Isaiah records, the Lord, Yahweh, is without peer. Apart from Him there is no God. He forms light and creates darkness, He brings well-being and creates calamity, and He uses even heathen kings who “do not know” Him to accomplish His goals. God’s power is not so circumscribed that taxes, even when paid to Caesar, are outside of His plan and purpose for the benefit of His people. With Paul we have good reason to thank God, who uses His unlimited power for the benefit of those whom He has chosen!




President Harrison's comments on the HHS Birth Control Mandate, 15 February 2012

President Harrison's prepared testimony to the U.S. House Committee Hearing, 16 February 2012:

President Harrison's answers to questions from U.S. House Committee members,16 February 2012

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