737 - Rejoice, My Heart, Be Glad and Sing



Rejoice, my heart, be glad and sing,
    A cheerful trust maintain;
For God, the source of evírything,
    Your portion shall remain.



He is your treasure, He your joy,
    Your life and light and Lord,
Your counselor when doubts annoy,
    Your shield and great reward.



Why spend the day in blank despair,
    In restless thought the night?
On your Creator cast your care;
    He makes your burdens light.



Did not His love and truth and powír
    Guard evíry childhood day?
And did He not in threatíning hour
    Turn dreaded ills away?



He only will with patience chide,
    His rod falls gently down;
And all your sins He casts aside
    In ocean depths to drown.



His wisdom never plans in vain
    Nor falters nor mistakes.
All that His counsels may ordain
    A blessŤd ending makes.



Upon your lips, then, lay your hand,
    And trust His guiding love;
Then like a rock your peace shall stand
    Here and in heavín above.


Text:  Public domain